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How to Buy

Welcome to

The list below is provided to guide prospective buyers on how they can have safe and easy buying experience with help of          

 How it works

· is an online platform for  advertisement of goods and services to prospective buyers globally. 

·       The main goal of is to provides you with access to reliable information on wide range of available options with regards to any goods or services you want to purchase. Our focus is to bring vital information to your fingertips, such as:

o   Varieties of goods and services available in the market at the moment, i.e. state-of-the-art products and services;

o   Current prices of goods and services, to enables you make comparison;

o   Different possible sellers of the goods or services, plus information about their location, contact phone, email address, or whatsApp. This is to enables you establish discussion or negotiation with the seller that matches you preference;

o   Request for Quotation from multiple sellers to further enhance your capacity to make well informed decision prior to purchase of any product or service 

Search for Products or Services, and Choose Seller

·       You can Search for specific product or service by typing the right keywords in the search bar and click the search button (you can learn more on "how to search" by using video tutorial provided in the ‘learning center’ of the website)

·       You can perform ‘Advanced Search’ in order to restrict the search to specific location, i.e. State and Local government;

·       The search results show list of products and services that matches your search criteria. For each product/service, summary of vital information are provided. These include Price, Seller name, address, phone number,  rating, etc

·       You can Click on any product's title or picture  to view product’s details

·       You can Click on Seller Name to visit the seller’s online store and see more products from the seller

·       You can add any product/service of interest to ‘my favourites’ list


Buy easily, wisely and safely

·       Once you have chosen the right seller, then it is time to take action: -

o   You can directly visit the physical location of the seller and purchase the product/service.

o has saved you enormous time and efforts. You don't need to go out physically Searching for where to buy goods and services, along side major  streets, in the markets or stores. We don't want to see you get trapped in "traffic jam  or Go-Slow" simple because you want to find where to buy something. 

o    You can now find any prodct very easyly, more effectively and conveniently from your home, office or on-the-go via laptop, tablet or mobile phone. What a relief!

o    You can use our "Messaging" to communicate with Sellers and establish business relationship, negotiate price, or seek additional clarifications, and make all necessary arrangements toward the purchase.

o    The communications can be done via ‘my messages’ provided in your buyer dashboard in, or alternatively, by using "Chatting" provided in Mobile App version of the platform. 

Additional Options

·       Where considerable trust has been established between you and the chosen seller, it may be possible for you (at your full discretion) to make payment for the goods/services via bank account of the seller, and have the seller ship the goods (or deliver the services) to the shipment address provided by you.

     IMPORTANT NOTE: is not involved in any such transaction, and is therefore, not responsible, in any way, for any consequences resulting from such transaction.


·       For Seller that provides the option of ‘Payment on Delivery’ on particular product(s), then you are at liberty to enjoy such option by submitting your purchase request via ‘my messages’ (or Request for Quotation) to the seller, clearly stating the product(s) you wants to buy. The Seller shall respond by sending invoice to you (with items, prices, and order total amount) via ‘my messages’ reply (or send a Quotation to you).


     Finally, the Seller delivers the product(s) to your, and you crosscheck all deliveries and make required payments accordingly. IMPORTANT NOTE: is not involved in any such transaction, and is therefore, not responsible, in any way, for any consequences resulting from such transaction.